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Sage Leadership Festival 2019

Urban Farmer Philadelphia and The Logan Hotel were pleased to host the Sage Leadership Festival, celebrating our 35th Anniversary as Sage Hospitality! It was a chance to show our colleagues from near and far a little taste of Philly. Both hotel and restaurant teams tirelessly prepared for all of our fellow colleagues to arrive and enjoy the conference festivities and detailed touches that we planned for them. We used coral and sage as our color theme, representing the hues of a 35th anniversary. Our theme this year was The Art of Change, a new chapter for the company as we adapt and look forward to what the future holds for all of us here at Sage.

Over the course of three and a half days we set up meetings, hospitality suites, amenities, award ceremonies, and after parties. Some of the highlights of the week included:

The Mummers made an appearance to serenade our guests the welcoming night, kicking off the conference in traditional Philly-style! The Mummers are a 119 year old tradition that takes place in Philadelphia on New Year’s Day. Different Philly delicacies were intelligently placed next to the many neighborhoods that make up our city of Brotherly Love.

The second day we had a vendor show, for all of the wonderful companies that help to keep our hotels and restaurants operating. By nightfall we transformed Assembly Rooftop Lounge into our city version of “Cabin Fever.” Guests were greeted by a smoky entrance and then delighted to find the fire pits lit, smoked cocktails, and home-made s’mores on the menu! They even were treated to a Macallan tasting and some unseasonably warm 60-degree weather!

The third day was for community service and a gala! Once our guests had the opportunity to give back to the community and help local charities such as Broad Street Ministry, who we have been involved with since our opening, they anxiously awaited the award ceremony. The red carpet was rolled out, step and repeat set-up, and the ballroom illuminated by all things SAGE. Delicious dishes from all of our Sage Restaurant Group restaurants were featured on the menu from cocktail hour through the four-course dinner – a true “taste of Sage.” The night continued to recognize all of the hard work and passion of the men and women that comprise Sage Hospitality, and we were so humbled and beyond ecstatic to win Hotel and Restaurant of the Year – a true honor!

Our team is hardworking and passionate and we were thrilled to host this year’s festival. It is a pleasure serving all of our guests day in and day out, and we were delighted to demonstrate the same hospitality for our own larger team and treat them to some Philly Brotherly LOVE during their stay with us!

Some Photos:

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