The Chartreusian Sour


Our bartenders are always hard at work making our beverage program one-of-a-kind cocktails that tell a greater story than just being an awesome drink.

The Chartreusian Sour is a riff on a classic gin sour. Tim Johnson, our lead bartender who created this drink, explains that his absolute all-time favorite spirit is green chartreuse. He was inspired to use it in a fresh way. Green chartreuse is a French liqueur created by Carthusian Monks outside the French Alps that has been distilled since the 18th century using a secret blend of 130 herbs and flowers. The recipe remains a secret to this day and is only shared between two Monks under a vow of silence.

Tim wanted a cocktail that would inspire people to give the deeply complex flavor of chartreuse a try for the first time. Adding it to a gin sour (gin, lemon, sugar, egg white) creates a supremely herbal balance of pine, juniper and wormwood that makes a perfect sipper for our winter cocktail menu. Guests love the warm flavor and the drink itself is gorgeous with its alluring color and garnish.

We’ve all been enjoying the bright green of this cocktail lately, as it’s been a perfect homage to hometown Philadelphia Eagles which seems particularly apt at this time. Enjoy a Chartreusian Sour next time you’re at the bar!


Chartreusian Sour:

beefeater gin, green chartreuse, lime, egg white