Holiday Baking Class

The holidays were fast approaching, and we were thrilled to welcome 20 more guests for our 2nd holiday baking class! Chef George and Chef Laura in our fantastic pastry team volunteered their time to give our participants an in depth demonstration on macarons and chocolate truffles.

The class began with a quick tour of the pastry room before the guests were brought to a classroom style demonstration setting, complete with a glass of champagne to start off the evening and a note pad to jot down tips throughout the course.

Chef Laura explained the difference between different style macarons, and explained that our team prefers an Italian style macaron. She went into detail about technique, and information on how to customize the cookies with different decoration tips.

Chef George followed with two delightful chocolate truffles that are perfect for making at home. The best part about the truffles is that they can also be saved for a later date easily by freezing! It is the perfect way to impress your guests with a welcome treat, or a dessert item.

The guests were treated to a bonus round of holiday beverage recipes, with our team explaining a perfect hot chocolate and a spiked eggnog – right in time for the winter holiday season! They were able to taste the concoctions during the dessert reception that followed our class. The room was adorned with holiday cheer, takeaway recipes, and boxed macarons and truffles.

We were thrilled to see so many new faces to the class, and Urban Farmer. We can’t wait to see our guests creations at home!