The Bully

URBAN FARMER Philadelphia’s Steakhouse, Philadelphia, PA


We are extremely lucky here at Urban Farmer to have such an incredible bartending staff that’s been here loyally since the beginning. One of our star bartenders, Tim Johnson always has unique ideas up his sleeve and didn’t fail when he presented the staff with one of our most interesting cocktails: The Bully.

The Bully celebrates the Farm to Table concept in a cocktail. Originally inspired by the classic Boulevardier, the goal of this cocktail was to bring out salty notes, while also highlighting a subtle sweetness to this drink. This distinctive cocktail differs from its inspiration by introducing umami and a rich savory side to the table. The wagyu from 7x Farms is the star component in this beverage. The rendered fat from one of our best cuts of meat is combined with Wild Turkey Rye. The sweet side of this cocktail is brought out by a candied orange peel that finishes the drink.

We are always proud to have interested beverages on the menu to pair with a great piece of meat. The Bully is made with wagyu-washed wild turkey, Campari, sweet vermouth and candied orange peel. Enjoy it with your next steak tasting!