Herr Angus Farm


At Urban Farmer, we proudly serve our food Farm to Table, and that especially includes our beef product. Our chefs are passionate about bringing the best beef to the table, and that means that learning about where the beef is raised is part of that experience.

Our team traveled to Nottingham, Pennsylvania to visit the Herr Angus Farm. The farm raises around 150 cows, and focuses on high quality beef and a passion for improving natural resources. One of the most unique parts of this farm, is that they focus on taking Herr Food products that are either overcooked, not seasoned enough, or came out the wrong shape, and utilize them in the feed for their cows. It is an amazing way to curb food waste, something Dennis Byrne, the farm manager, proudly asserts.

The team got a tour of the cows and bulls that live on the farm, and learned about how long they are kept on different types of feed, as well as the process of raising each animal. It is a well thought out and humane process, and the use of technology over the last 30 years has only continued to improve the quality of beef coming out of this facility.

It was an honor to meet the team in charge of keeping this farm running, and we look forward to continuing to visit other local farms that we have partnered with at the restaurant.