$9Deviled Eggsbourbon maple, candied bacon

$19Chilled Shrimpcucumber, tomato vinaigrette

$18Prime Beef Tartare*fennel, parmesan, brioche toast

$12Potato Leek Soupchickpea chermoula, sumac


$11Field Greensshaved vegetables, blueberry, crisp quinoa, honey vinaigrette

$13Roasted Beetscitrus confit, cumin, cashew

$12Caesar*white anchovies, parmesan, garlic croutons

$15Farmer Chopkale, romaine, roasted chicken, salami, cheddar-blue, sunflower, roasted garlic dressing


$6Maitake Mushroomsthyme and garlic

$11Creekstone Flatiron Steak*chimichurri

$12Salmonlemon shallot butter

$7Grilled Chicken Breastherb marinade

$11Grilled Shrimpespelette

Featured Items

$13Charcuteriehouse-made and artisanal selections, pickled vegetables, preserves, mustard

$18Cheesecurated selections, local honey, fruit, sea salt and whole wheat cracker

Sandwichesserved with choice of farm fries, fresh fruit, chips or green salad

$14Turkey Paninibacon, cured tomato, arugula, piccalilli, baguette

$15Grilled Chickenbacon, gruyère, peach jam, chili aioli, brioche bun

$13BBQ Porkbrussels slaw, mahon, brioche bun

$16The Farm Burger*white cheddar, aioli, house-made English muffin

$14Shaved Sirloinmelted white cheddar, mustard onion jam, ciabatta


$5618 Oz New York, 1855 Beef, Pennsylvaniagrain-finished, 21 day dry aged

$458 Oz Tenderloin, Piedmontese Beef, Montanagrain-finished

$386 Oz New York, 7x Wagyu Beef, Coloradocorn-fed

$4714 Oz Ribeye, Joyce Farms, North Carolinagrass-fed


$34Georges Banks Salmonvidalia onion spaetzle, leek salad

$15Roasted Carrot Risottofennel and kohlrabi salad, ramp oil

$18Castle Valley Popcorn Grits*soft poached egg, shrimp, pulled pork

$18Beef Tenderloin Chili Mactorchio pasta, rapini, breadcrumb


$9Creamed Spinach Gratin

$11Roasted Mushroomsshallot

$8Farm Friesrusset burbank

$13Twice Baked Fingerling Potato Tartcheddar, bacon, chive

$11Heirloom Carrothoney cognac, puffed rice, baby turnip

$12Charred Asparagussweet gypsy peppers, minted crème fraiche

$12Baked Mac N' Cheesecured tomato, brioche crumbs