Philly Cooks Events

Urban Farmer, Philadelphia’s Steakhouse, Philadelphia, PA

It’s always a pleasure to serve our food nightly to our guests, but we love the opportunity to go out to the public and participate in food-focused events with fellow Philadelphia restaurants. On February 8th, the Urban Farmer team joined participating restaurants at Philadelphia FooBooz’s annual Philly Cooks event. It’s such an honor to be surrounded by some of our fantastic neighboring restaurants and serving food to new faces.

Philly Cooks celebrates all the incredible chefs and food that comes out of Philadelphia. We were more than thrilled to serve our signature smoked flat iron steak with a pomme puree throughout the evening. As hundreds of people came through, we were able to connect with not only past and hopefully future guests, we also had a great opportunity to network with other restaurant community members.

Philly Cooks celebrates the city’s best, and we hope to be a part of next year’s event as well!