We’ve Teamed Up With Marisa McCellan


Part of Urban Farmer’s signature décor is the in-house pickled vegetable and jam jars that line the walls and surfaces around the restaurant. Our dishes are often adorned with accents from these jars, may it be pickled cabbage and cashews or house-made peach jam. We could not think of a more perfect author to team up with than Marisa McClellan, author of Food in Jars, Preserving the Pint, and her latest book Naturally Sweet Food in Jars. On November 15th, she joined us at Urban Farmer for a special event.

Marisa is an incredible full-time author who also does regular workshops on canning. We were excited to have her join us at Urban Farmer for a meet and greet and book signing. The chefs got busy creating dishes inspired by her newest book, and the restaurant ran those dishes as specials for the evening.

ufphl1The dishes offered for the evening in honor of the event was a salmon crudo with a parsley-fennel relish, a pork tenderloin glazed with apricot-gochujang barbecue sauce and served with daikon-carrot pickle, and poached pear shortbread with cardamom-pear jam and vanilla ice cream. The guests dining throughout the evening raved about the dishes, making the evening one to remember!